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Liquid Gold in modern science often is related to Mono-Atomic Gold, a substance obtained from peat moss and other decaying life-matter which still has active DNA as it’s breaking down into Oil over a thousand year old process. This substance often has powerful health benefits to the body, and is often preserved with Alcohol.
Guess What? Regenerate Your Life's exclusive moor mud has these same ingredients.

Even the celebs are muddy for it

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With its healing and revitalising properties, mud truly is glorious?

By Nikki Barr
Tuesday 05 Aug 2008

Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Alicia Silverstone and Trinny and Susannah are all said to be devotees.

Indeed, slapping on various forms of wet earth to the skin has been found to have fabulous results – by stimulating circulation, exfoliating dead skin cells, deep cleansing and removing impurities, the skin is left renewed and revitalised.

Indulging in a black mud body wrap or a white clay facial can have both cosmetic and therapeutic benefits – mud therapy can not only make you look great, it can also be good for your health too.


Nature's cure-all
Harnessing the healing properties of mud is nothing new. 
The first thermal mud baths date back to ancient Rome, where the mineral-enriched earth were regarded as cure-alls for a whole manner of different conditions and complaints.

Today, Dead Sea mud, thermal muds from Hungary, moor mud, red and black clay, peat and sand are not only included in numerous beauty treatments to enhance the skin, they are also used to treat a variety of health conditions from relieving muscle and emotional tensions, reducing blood pressure and boosting blood circulation to easing skin problems, including eczema, acne and psoriasis, joint injuries and rheumatic pain.One of the main benefits of therapeutic mud is its thermal qualities.

It holds heat and that helps in many areas including detoxification, cleansing, drawing out infection and the skin’s absorption of minerals.

Heat also has a sedative, relaxing effect, helping you to slow down and unwind.

Mud therapy
Mud therapy includes a variety of different treatments including body wraps where the mud is applied in a fine layer and the client is then wrapped to keep their body warm and to keep the product moist.



Muddy Foxes
Moor mud seems to be a bit of a favourite with certain celebs. 

TV style gurus Trinny and Susannah both swear by the Moor At Home Spa Face Mask, which contains centuries old mineral-rich mud from the lowland moors of Europe – they recommended it to newsreader Sophie Raworth when she appeared on their show.

And on a recent spa break in the US, Gwyneth Paltrow found the best way to relax at the end of the day was with a holistic Moor Spa Bath.

When Alicia Silverstone wants to treat herself to some pampering, she opts for an Aubrey Organic Soothing Mask with antioxidant white clay from Mount Kaolin in China.

Top designer Amanda Wakeley and leading photographer and artist Sam Taylor-Wood are both big fans of Rasul therapy.

A humble local Testimonial

New York Daily News reporting on Anderson Cooper


Anderson Cooper posted a muddy photo of himself to his 1 million followers. Asking his followers if they could guess what he was doing and where.

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper

New York Daily News reporting on Super Model Bar Refaeli


As a kid, playing in the mud was dirty and it could get you into trouble. but in actual fact it is very healthy with many benefits.

Moor Mud baths historically have been used to soothe skin, exfoliate and help as an anti-inflammatory.

Supermodel Bar Rafaeli must be in the know about a moor mud bath's benefits.

This dirty lady posted a Twitter photo of herself, the beauty wrote.

"Muddy but feels good!!!

Bar isnt the first famous face caught playing in the mud.

Back To Earth Testiomonial by Jane Alexander

Health Benefits Of Moor Mud

Sometimes the oldest and simplest products are the best. Mud from the lowland moorland of  Thermal Lake Hevis of Hungary and CzechRepublic has been used for wellbeing for at least 2,000 years. The Romans prized it for its health and strength- promoting qualities and the Celts dunked themselves into the odd mud bath, too. Now "moor mud" has become the latest must-try treatment for celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Trinny and Susannah, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker.

It's thick and black (though odor free) and my first impression was one of mild aversion. I was introduced to it at the Tyringham Hall naturopathic clinic in Buckinghamshire around 15 years ago. ''Climb in and relax for 20 minutes,'' said the therapist, pointing at a bath full of murky black water. ''Honestly, it's lovely. Just make sure you have a little rest afterwards.''

I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 16 hours later. I felt fabulous – serene yet energized, and my skin was soft and toned. I've been hooked ever since and my son has grown up with mud rather than Matey in the bathtub.

Moor mud is unique because it has evolved over 20,000 years. More than 1,000 herbs, plants, grasses and flowers have decomposed into the waters, turning it into a nutritious soup of vitamins, minerals, plant-based hormones and other phytonutrients.

Central Europeans prize their mud for its natural healing ability, hence its popularity with doctors and vets. A moor product is even used in Austrian casualty departments as a treatment for burns. Research has shown that the mud can help to improve the circulation, soothe aching muscles and reduce swelling in joints. Some claim that drinking it can calm and heal the gut. Others even believe it can help infertility. What is certain is that the ooze acts as a natural exfoliator and also hydrates the body. As the mud contains essential oils, fats and lipids, it is able to penetrate the skin with ease and many people swear it helps smooth away wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin.

The celebrities get their mud fix in top spas and the Dorchester now boasts a "moor mud experience". But what I really love about it is that it's the ultimate DIY fix. Just slap the stuff on your face, slug it in your bath and, if you're feeling really hard-core, sip it instead of juice for breakfast.


Uses for moor mud


Use the face mask regularly for a natural "face lift". I find that one treatment the night before a big day tightens and tones the skin.

Drink diluted (pasteurised) moor mud before going to a party. It supposedly helps prevent hangovers.

Try a moor mud compress if you have aching joints, muscular pain or sports injuries.

Sink into a moor bath if you suffer from stress and insomnia. For best results have a course of 21 baths (daily or every other day). Soak for 20 minutes then pat yourself dry.

Moor water  to aid weight loss, by balancing blood sugar levels and relieving cravings for sweet foods. You can also take it as a supplement.

By Jane Alexander

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