Nettie's Wholesome Soup

Nettie's soup was created in memory of a very old dearly loved  friend. Nettie was my children's much loved Nanna.


I was 15 when I met Nettie. We both were not to know then some 42 years ago that our relationship would entwine like a web until she passed. 

One of my fondest memories I have of her is, coming into her kitchen on a Saturday afternoon and being offered a cup of her special home-made soup. I absolutely loved it, no other soup has ever given me such warmth.

When I had finished the first delicious cup, she would ask if I would like another, the reply was always "yes!". Once I finished the second, she would turn from the kitchen sink with a cheeky grin on her face, and ask if I would like a third cup? I would be about to say yes, and she would say in her thick Scottish accent " Aggh be gone with ya lass, leave a cup for the rest" which there were many, and laugh her unique laugh.  

But sometimes there would be a smidgen left in that huge pot the next day, and she would ask me if I wanted "the dregs" as she called it. "yes!" I replied.


The last days of her life, this old memory would keep popping into my brain. I racked my brain for the ingredients and came up with a few. Then intuitively put this recipe together.


I know this is not her exact recipe, mine is vegetarian for a start, which I am sure she would not approve of. :)

Nettie's had meat and bone, and was generally created by whatever was left in the fridge at the end of the week.


But friends it is not about the recipe being exact or even being close to hers.

It is about the memory that I have of her generosity, her love, her forgiveness, and the celebration of her life.

So in loving memory of Nettie Thornton




A decent sized bowl feeds 8



A whole lot of love

1 good tablespoon of butter

2 cups of soup mix with barley (wash and soak for 2-4 hrs)

2 finely chopped celery sticks

1 large or two small finely sliced leek

1 roughly chopped fennel bulb

1  large chopped carrot

1 chopped zuchini

3 roughly chopped dutch creamed potatoes

1 small roughly chopped eggplant

Large handful of freshly chopped parsley

A couple of sprigs of fresh choppedThyme

A few freshly chopped Sage leaves

A few sprigs of freshly chopped Marjoram

1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper and a pinch of salt

2 Massell chicken stock cubes (this is an alternative to real chicken stock cubes)

8 large cups of water



Melt butter in a large deep pot 

Fry leek, fennel, and celery until soft and clear

Put the rest of the vegetables in and stir occasionally for a good 5 minutes

Boil two cups of the 8 -10 cups of water and dissolve the massell chicken stock cubes to liquid

Add chicken stock and the rest of the water

Add soup mix stir and bring to boil

Turn heat down and simmer 

Add salt & pepper

Add herbs

Cook for a good 1 1/2 hours



Allow soup to sit for an hour, it will still be hot when you go to eat it.

This soup is great if your body needs a detox, 

It is super economical

Super nutritious and low in calories so is good for dropping weight.


Netties wholesome soup by Regenerate Your Life

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