Angelight Bath Salts for Healing

Uriel Angelight Bath Salts

Arch Angel Uriel

Ruby/Gold ray of Light

Specialty: Illumination, brings Spirituality into everyday life

Spiritual Healing, peace, and service.

Physical Association: Root Chakra. Genitals, Reproductive Organs, Feet, Legs, Knees, & Hips.

Warming, Vitalises, Arouses, gives Courage, Stamina, & Endurance.

Activates to Release Energy Blocks. 


270 gms 2 baths


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Arch Angel Uriel represents Light.

The sunrise to a new day. Uriel's ray is said to be in charge of the weather, and works

closely with Earth Healing. Uriel can be associated with sudden action. Uriel

teaches us to overcome our sense of separation from All That Is.

The Ruby/Gold ray is used whenever we may feel lost,

abandoned, rejected, fearful, or forsaken. When we face

difficulties, Uriel counsels us not to condemn ourselves but instead to

see ourselves in our great eternal-self, towering over the problem at hand.


Simply relax and receive the benefits

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A special Thankyou of Appreciation to the Light-Workers that have channeled all the information that is now so readily available to us.

Thank from my Heart these beautiful Star-Soul- Earth- Beings  for

En-lightening us with their Knowledge and Wisdom.

Doreen Virtue

Vanessa Lampert

Hazel Raven


I would also like to acknowledge and thank the artists that created the images that represent the Arch Angels and their ray of Light.

May the Sun Shine on your lives for a moment everyday.

Infinite Blessings*


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