Angelight Bath Salts for Healing

Regenerate Your Life with

Raphael Angelight Bath Salts

Arch Angel Raphael

Emerald Green ray of Light


Personal & Planetary Divine Healer. Guides Healers, Inspires creativity in Lotions & Potions from our Earth.

Physical Association: Heart Chakra. Lungs, Thymus, Heart, Mental


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The ever patient Arch Angel Raphael.

The divine Healer for healing ourselves, helping us to find inner peace.

Raphael is associated with the one that holds Akashic knowledge of science and medicine. 

If asked releases the mysteries, translating them into conscious thought.

Regarding physical or emotional pain Raphael can assist you with healing loved ones.

Raphael assists in stabilizing and Healing Mother Earth (Gaia).

Raphael holds the medical healing staff (Caduceus)


Simply relax and receive the benefits

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Congratulations! You are Regenerating Your Life


A special Thankyou of Appreciation to the Light-Workers that have channeled all the information that is now so readily available to us.

Thank from my Heart these beautiful Star-Soul- Earth- Beings  for

En-lightening us with their Knowledge and Wisdom.

Doreen Virtue

Vanessa Lampert

Hazel Raven


I would also like to acknowledge and thank the artists that created the images that represent the Arch Angels and their ray of Light.


May the Sun Shine on your lives for a moment everyday.

Infinite Blessings*


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