Soulight Bath Salts for Healing

Femiine Essene Soulight Bath Salts


Bathe Your Spirit

With intricate blends aligned with nature

Infused with their own unique ingredients, and intention

Intuitively created assisting harmony between heart and mind

Simply relax and receive the benefits


270 gms 2 baths


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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Living on the Western shore of the Dead Sea the Essene women gathered and ritually

immersed in its water every morning.

It was said to cleanse the mind body and soul.

Although the Essenes were of curious ancient hidden mystery they were however

known to be a community of peace and showed a great respect to Mother Earth. 

Choosing this blend connects you to their ancient wisdom.

Simply relax and receive the benefits

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Natures Earth Works Soulight Bath Salts

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