Soulight Bath Salts for Healing

Determine Detox Soulight Bath Series

Complete Body & Spirit Cleanse

Gaining overall health & wellbeing

Bathe Your Spirit

With intricate blends aligned with nature

Infused with their own unique ingredients, and intention

Intuitively created assisting harmony between heart and mind 


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Feel light as a fairy

Encourage your body and its metabolism to increase.

Eliminate excess fat and toxins

Boost your energy

Gain a glowing complexion

High in Anti-oxidants

Simply relax and receive the benefits


Our Japanese Matcha green tea and the special blend of essential oils used have been created to repair, and rejuvenate your skin while gently removing toxins from the body.

This intricate blend will deep cleanse and purify.

Performed once a month you may also experience assistance in weight loss, improved digestion, sleep more soundly, and overall feeling of well-being.

Simply relax and enjoy the benefits.

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Natures Earth Works Determined Detox Soulight Bath Salt Series

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