Angelight Bath Salts for Healing

Chamuel Angelight Bath Salts

Arch Angel Chamuel

The Pink ray of Light

Specialty: Relationships, Un-Conditional Love, Healing of the Heart, Overcome negative feelings bringing peace of mind, body, spirit.

Physical Association: Heart Chakra. Heart, Shoulders, Lungs, Arms, Hands, Skin.

Chamuel’s loving ray helps heal physical rejection on body parts, which you may judge as unlovable.


270 gms 2 baths 


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Helps heal fear associated with ill-at-ease. Unleashes blocked physical recovery from

diagnosed di-ease. Christ Consciousness. Attracts soul relationships, intimacy,

dissolves negative e-motions, ignites inner happiness, and assists in stopping

destructive tendencies.The Arch Angel Chamuel's Pink ray of Light makes one feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Chamuel's ray can help you build new relationships, both platonic and romantic.

Chamuel reminds us of the loving existing relationships we already have in our lives.

Repairs misunderstandings. Heals the broken hearted. Heals the heart of negative unforgiving emotions that can block forgiveness. 

Guides you to express natural creative talents. Builds Confidence & Self -Esteem.

A message from Chamuel

"It is the LOVE ENERGY that is given which gives lasting value and benefit but first you must learn to LOVE yourself."


Simply relax and receive the benefits


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Natures Earth Works Angelight Bath Salts Series Chamuel

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A special Thankyou of Appreciation to the Light-Workers that have channeled all the information that is now so readily available to us.

Thank from my Heart these beautiful Star-Soul- Earth- Beings  for

En-lightening us with their Knowledge and Wisdom.

Doreen Virtue

Vanessa Lampert

Hazel Raven


I would also like to acknowledge and thank the artists that created the images that represent the Arch Angels and their ray of Light.

May the Sun Shine on your lives for a moment everyday.

Infinite Blessings*


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