Soulight Bath Salts for Healing

Back To Earth Soulight Bath Salts

(Murrunji Spirit Elder)

Bathe Your Spirit

With intricate blends aligned with nature

Infused with their own unique ingredients, and intention

Intuitively created assisting harmony between heart and mind

Simply relax and receive the benefits


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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

Murrunji is an empowered Shaman Spirit Elder,

her energy flows with the Australian Earth and its loving winged creatures.

Murrunji communicates it is time for ancient natural medicine to return.

“Salt and mud, have been here since the beginning.”

“They are the great natural healers”

Bathing in Murrunji energy will help with pain relief.

Murrunji assists in clearing negative or toxic energy, in your home or the surrounding land.

Murrunji if you ask joyfully assists with your garden to grow and prosper.

Murrunji’s spirit is often felt when walking barefoot on the shores of South East Queensland’s Lake


Simply relax and receive the benefits

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