Soulight Bath Salts for Healing

Amazonian Priestess Soulight Bath Series

(Courageous Sistar*Hood)

Bathe Your Spirit 

Intricate blends aligned with nature

Infused with their own unique ingredients, and intention

Intuitively created assisting harmony between heart and mind

Simply relax and receive the benefits 


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The Amazons were beautiful female warriors known to be honorable, courageous, and brave.

Known for taking regular ritual baths the Amazons dreamed of a land in peace and equality.

It's a jungle out there, allow yourself to show your Amazonian Fiery Spirit to help give you courage in time of need.

With this blend you tap into your most powerful weapon of knowledge, inner feminine wisdom. 

Simply relax and receive the benefits

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Natures Earth Works Soulight Bath Salts Amazonian Warrior Priestess

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