Natures Earth Works Angelight Bath Salt Series                                 

Connect *Meditate *Clear *Re-programe *Energize *Heal *Receive 

Angelight Series

The Soulight Series

How to Choose: There are two sets of bath salt series, scroll your cursor over each photo.

Focus a moment on each photo, intuitively you will know which one best suits you. 

Try not to overthink it, which ever photo you are drawn to first is usually the one best suited to you now.


Then click on photo to purchase and receive your enlightened healing

About Natures Earth Works Bath Salt Crystal Series

Whilst in connection with Higher Self, being anchored in harmony with Mother Earth and the Angelic Realm, I Marjon was guided to create a series of blended essential oils, using them to stimulate specific sometimes dormant senses.

These blends create a path of unity to all that is, connecting you to the coloured rays of Angelic Light which the Arch Angels work with whilst working along side us human.


I was guided to create with colour, smell and presence, creating a gateway via our senses, helping you connect to your higher self without interruption. Meaning each blend has been programmed specifically, to help you achieve a direct link to source for your benefit, to show and complete what your heart already knows.  

The beloved Earth's never ending gifts from nature are the ingredients, and Crystal infusion anchors this unique bath series with unconditional love.


Each RYL'S Natures Earth Works Salt Series have their own unique vibration, connection and purpose associated with the Arch Angels ray, our Mother Earth and you.

When we are tuned into Earth's natural elements, we human can vibrate to their same frequency encouraging connection with All That Is. 

Plants and our beloved animals do this naturally, you can do it too, by stimulating our human senses, this can be done via the Angelic Bath Salt series, you create a gateway.

Arch Angels have a specific meta-physical vibrational ray.

Remember Genie in the bottle? Imagine the Genie being the ray.

When opened the ray's energy surrounds and connects with your energy field via the mind, the olfactory and skin absorption. Miracles can begin to happen.



Higher Self connection encourages the coloured rays of Light, to embody us.

These rays are complete multi-dimensional, meta-physical, light-energy, multi faceted intelligent Ascended Beings of generous Love, they are ready, willing and waiting to engage with us.


I was asked to name all the quantum mumbo jumbo above

Awakening HU-man Vibration to Spirit


A special Thankyou of Appreciation to the Light-Workers that have channeled all the information that is now so readily available to us.

Thank you from my Heart these beautiful Star-Soul- Earth- Beings  for

En-lightening us with their Knowledge and Wisdom.

Doreen Virtue

Vanessa Lampert

Hazel Raven

I would also like to acknowledge and thank the artists that created the images that represent the Arch Angels and their ray of Light.


May the Sun Shine on your lives for a moment everyday.

Infinite Blessings*



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