RYL Moor Mud Training Course

Hi! I am Marjon the Moor Mud Lady Founder of Regenerate Your Life.

When I first learned about Organic Moor Mud there was no information available in Australia.

At the end of 2012 I made it my passion to re-search, learn and study all I could, the more I learned the more I became aware this truly amazing unique healing product needed to be shared.

Now feeling confidant, it is time to share this knowledge in a one day Training Course for all who would like to know MOOR! about this mud.


Which Course is for you?

There are four models.


1. Professionals: e.g. Naturopaths, Beauty Therapists, Sport Professionals, Physiotherapists and the like, Day Spa, Healing Centres, and Healers.

This course involves learning about Moor Mud and its many varied health benefits.

How it works on a deep cellular level.

History, Chemical Analysis, Health & Healing benefits. Application for all treatments. Combining moor mud with your existing treatments. Printed list of F.A.Q.

2. Stockists:

This course involves being able to give your customer a simple easy to understand spiel on the hows & whys, the basis of the product and why it works. Application, and answers to F.A.Q. 


3. Beautiful You:

This course is for YOU! who is drawn to the product, already uses it or wants to use it. You may want to know more, or would like a full understanding of the hows, whats, when and where on the body to apply. We show you how Moor Mud can benefit the whole family.


4. Spiritual Healers: 

This course is specifically targeted to learning how to heal the healer or facilitate with RYL Moor Mud.

Moor Mud is created and designed by nature to heal, it is now giving and exposing its true nature to show  and remind us that our Mother Earth (Gaia) provides all.   RYL Moor Muds DNA holds within it cellular memory of what it is designed to do which is heal. People have been known to experience enlightning connections to Higher Self enabling to release, let go and heal.

This course shows the healer how to incorporate the mud with existing sessions or treatments.


All courses include: 

A full understanding of all products presented.

Treatment example application:

1. Silvina Ex-foliating Charcoal Facial Scrub treatment

2. RYL Hungarian Moor Mud Facial Mask treatment

3. One 250ml RYL Moor Mud Bath & Body pack  

4. E - Training Manual

5. Light refreshments

6. RYL Moor Mud Training Certificate


All four courses are a fun-filled day getting muddy!! learning about the dirt, growing in your knowledge to how Nature's Earth-Works towards a healthy well-being. 


For your information:

For four or more people Price: $120

Times: 10.00 am to 4pm.

Bookings required

What to bring: Lunch and Beautiful You!





RYL Moor Mud Training Course

Per person


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RYL Organic Moor Mud is good for every beautiful body.

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