REGENERATE your Life with MOOR Mud Detox Pads

A lack of blood flow to an area leads to poor oxygenation delivery, poor metabolite removal (such as carbon dioxide, urea, and lactic acid), poor nutrient delivery and poor delivery of immune cells. Over time, these problems may lead to joint degeneration, pain, stiffness, cancer, malnutrition and chronic disease.


Moor Mud is rich in humic and fulvic acids, which in nature provide the vehicle for delivery of minerals and other nutrients. 


Single-foment systems for hot/cold treatment. 


Single-foment System offers a simple way to administer a moor mud (BALNEO-Peat) treatment without the requirement of facilities and equipment typically associated.


While the system is not intended for a reduction body wrap, it can offer the same curative effects as standard (loose) moor mud packing in a much cleaner and a less laborious way. 


The key component is a unique single use moor mud pack - a layer of organic moor mud (balneo peat) sealed between permeable membrane and leak-proof recycled plastic sheet. The membrane allows for contact between skin and mud, yet prevents mud to stick to skin. The system is designed to deliver constant increasing heat to the treated area for a length of a physiotherapy treatment (20 – 30 min).

After application the pack is easily removed and skin can be cleaned with just a towel. 


Thanks to its simplicity, the labor requirement is minimal.  


One off use

Joint and muscle pain relief / Mobility improvement / Detoxification

Application: After the initial warming to body temperature, place the mud pack, mesh side down, on the treatment site* (figure 1 & 2).Treatment time is the same for the local cold treatment - 20-30 minutes.


Packs allow various treatments:


Small pack:

Cervical application: muscle spasm, pain, joint dysfunction, immobility.

Liver application: stagnant liver flow, mild hepatic pain, yellow tongue.

Joint application: problems in knee, elbow, wrist, or ankle.

Wound application: poor healing wound post-op.


Large pack:

Back application: pain, stiffness, immobility, pre-massage, post-massage.

Joint application: shoulder, hip, sacroiliac, lumbar, thoracic.

Wound application: poor healing post-op.

Skin treatment: cellulite reduction, local detoxification.


Note: If there is hypertension, mud packs are welcome as symptoms may be relieved locally with a mud pack application, since bathing in hot water may be contraindicated. 

RYL Torf Moor Mud pack application can be hot or cold depending on when the symptoms began.


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