Saprox Treatment durations


Saprox Anti-Fungal Clay Treatment times


Treatment durations vary by location and severity


                Severity                       Duration             Frequency             Applications                   Moisturiser


Face      Mild to moderate       Until Dry             Once a day            Until Clear+ plus 3 days   (If needed)


               Severe                          Until Dry             Twice a day           Until Clear + 5 days




Feet      Mild                              Until dry            Once a day            Until clear + 1 day             (None)


              Moderate                    Until dry            Twice a day           Until clear + 2 days            (None)


              Severe                          All day               Once a day            Until clear + 5 days            (None)




Body     Mild                               Until dry           Once a day             Until clear + 1 day             (None)


              Moderate to severe    Until dry           Twice a day            Until clear + 3 days           (If needed)




Nails      Mild                               Until dry           Once a day             Until new nail is in             (None)


               Moderate                      All day              Once a day                                             (None)


                                                                                                                    This is typically 3 mths.


               Severe                           Don’t use                                          (None)


Why?all day:

Apply Saprox and leave on skin all day. This keeps the area free of moisture and may speed desired outcome. Wash off in evening before sleep and sleep without socks.


If rash or skin irritation develops, discontinue use and apply a natural moisturiser such as coconut oil.


Once rash and irritation ceases, apply using standard procedure.


Apply once per day for 15 minutes and wash off. If rash re-appears, discontinue use permanently.   


Don’t Use:


If nail fungus is severe meaning that the nail is thick, yellow and the nail has been looking like this over a long duration. Saprox may not be effective. You are most welcome to try it but we have not had much success as the fungus is too deep below the nail and the sulphur cannot penetrate the affected nail bed. 


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