Saprox Application

Wash and dry application area thoroughly. Shake Saprox container well.


Apply to affected area and beyond 100% additional to ensure effectiveness and to prevent re-infection. This means if affected area is 1 inch in size, apply enough for 2 inches (exceptions noted below). The application should be an even layer. Allow Saprox to completely dry which is about 15 minutes.


Once dry, wash Saprox off in shower, sink or use a damp washcloth.


Exceptions: If fungus affects more than one toe or toenail, apply to all toes top and bottom to ensure proper treatment. If fungus affects only one toe or toenail, apply to nail and surrounding skin. If fungus affects the body of the foot, apply Saprox to entire foot top and bottom as the foot is a prime environment for fungus.


If application area is sensitive such as the face or groin, one may apply moisturizer afterwards. It is recommended not to apply moisturizer if not necessary; however, if skin becomes sensitive, then a natural moisturizer must be used following each application.




Tinea barbae: It is best to shave prior to application to ensure proper coverage of Saprox on affected areas. Treatment time will be less and outcome effective. If beard is left intact, then fungus may re-infect as complete coverage of affected area may not be possible. If shaving is not an option, pour necessary amount of Saprox to cover treatment area into a small bowl and


dilute with a bit of water for a less muddy consistency. Use hands or put on.


Tinea versicolor: If Saprox dries too quickly; one may rewet the surface with a spray bottle. This allows the sulphur to penetrate more effectively for longer duration. Ideally have someone apply Saprox and rewet it for you to ensure proper coverage if on back or shoulders. Rewetting the Saprox once should be enough. Allow to dry then wash off.


Tinea pedis: If only one toe is affected, simply apply a small amount directly on the affected area. Let dry and then wash off. If more than one toe is affected, apply to all toes to prevent


cross-contamination. Purchase 100% cotton socks and spray shoes with 1 part bleach to 10 parts water. Wash white socks with bleach.


Tinea cruris: If one is overweight and skin is sweaty all day, it may be best to leave Saprox on all day. Purchase 100% cotton


boxers for better breathability.

Allow Saprox to dry and then shower off well, as Saprox will adhere to the beard.


Treatment above is of a case of toenail fungus over 3 month’s period

Disclaimer: These claims were not evaluated by FDA

This document is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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