F.A.Q for all RYL Facial Scrubs and Masks

What is moor mud facial mask?


It doesn’t look to good to me.

This natural face mask is not a mud or clay; it is in fact a 100% natural organic skin care product containing thousands of herbs, flowers, plants, and grasses decomposed over thousands of years from an ancient glacier lake in Heviz Hungary.  However, being that the Moor Mud has no odour is dark brown in colour and unfortunately not to glamorous to look at, it works like magic and we guarantee that once you use it, you will have it as part of your health and beauty skin regime for ever. There is nothing like it.


Does it tingle and sometimes feels like my skin is reacting?

Yes. This is the mud working getting deep down into your pores, when you feel this sensation apply a little water and rub gently, this will take away the sensation. Your skin is meant to react. If any one has had a face peel, or any therapeutic treatment such as IPL you expect your skin to tingle, this is the same only natural.


What can a Moor Mud Facial Mask treat?


Treats both dry and oily skin

Treatment for anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle.

A natural facial skin treatment to stimulate circulation and restore a natural glow.

A rejuvenating cleansing mask to help alleviate conditions such as acne, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis - anywhere on the face or body, providing a long-term solution when used consistently.

Can remove blackheads with continual use.


Is a moor mud facial mask going to make a difference to me?


YES! Whatever your skin type, problem,  gender or age. Before you know it, you will be getting compliments and asked what you are doing because your skin will look and feel so good.

We at Regenerate Your Life know you will be amazed.


Can I use Moor Mud as a treatment for acne?


Yes this natural acne treatment is effective in treating all types of acne.

Adult acne, Rosacea, Hormonal acne, Vulgaris acne, Teenage acne.




Acne treatment. If you are using RYL Hungarian Moor Mud Facial Mask as an acne treatment, we recommend you allow it to dry slightly on the skin before moistening it with the misting spray only if your skin is becoming aggravated. This will also help increase the muds drawing of toxins ability. Work up to leaving mud on skin for a maximum of 10 minutes per treatment. Adjust application time should your skin begin to feel uncomfortable to unbearable.


Although you can use it alongside other acne treatments, please be sure to adhere to instructions.  Leave skin to breathe after treatment for one day without applying moisturiser to your skin.


A few clients have reported a worsening of their condition when they use the mask, but this could be due to the mud reacting to the chemical products that they have or still use on their skin.


If this is the case, we recommend discontinuing use of chemical products for the duration of your treatment; this will also ascertain how the facial mask is performing on its own.


Will my skin react?


We hope so, if your skin reacts for the worst the first couple of treatments, this is normal as the mud is withdrawing toxins and replacing with nutrients. You may experience a reddening of the skin initially when starting.

If at any stage you are not comfortable with using this product discontinue use.

You and only you can make this treatment work for you by following all the instructions and tips then believe you can heal.


Will my skin condition come back?


Consistent and regular use initially is necessary in order to control. Your skin will love you for it.


Will my skin shred?


Yes it may, ridding your face of dead skin cells is good and necessary for healthy skin.



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