Angelight Essential oils for Healing

Gabriel Arch Angelight Oil Blend

Arch Angel Gabriel

Gold/White ray of Light

Specialty: Direct Messenger, Guides in making important decisions,

Stress Relief, Interpreter of Dreams, Clearing/Cleansing/Detox.

Physical Association: Sacral Chakra. Lower back, abdominal, kidneys, lower intestines.


Topical & Bath




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Arch Angel Gabriel ray of Harmony and Balance will help you realize and understand your true potential, enhance creativity, optimism and a view of life that is positive. Gabriel can help to accomplish what is necessary to achieve your steps forward to your goals.

Gabriel's ray is Spiritually Uplifting giving confidence when ever called upon.

Gabriel will help you work on releasing deep emotional blockages.



100% Therapeutic Essential oils, YlangYlang, Bergamot, Tangerine, Frankincense,

Apricot Oil

Crystal Infusion

Blended in Australia

Australian Owned

Imported oils from Young Living U.S.A.

APPLY: Topical (Lower Back)

1-2 drops root chakra

Or 5 drops to bathe

Aromatic use



Keep in a cool dark environment

Use within 6 months of purchase


CAUTION: Keep out of reach of

children. If pregnant, breast-feeding, taking medication, or have a serious

medical condition, always consult your naturopath or medical doctor prior to



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