Moor Mud Mask Application to face

How to apply RYL Moor Mud Mask

Apply to clean moist skin.


Avoid eyes.


Spread an even thick layer as shown in photo above starting from forehead down. You can also apply to neck area.

Remove gently with wet warm face cloth, or Wot-Not Facial Wipes

Rest the skin for 60 minutes or longer before applying moisturizer, sun cream, or make-up.


First application leave for 2 to 3 minutes  then wash off. This is so you experience how it feels and what to expect.

Next application leave for 5 minutes build up to 10 minutes. Aim not to remove before mud has dried on your skin.


Frequency:  2 to 3 times per week for problem skin working up to once a day for 21 days straight.


For a deep cleanse, nourishment and regeneration apply once a week.


The deep cleansing action of this facial mud mask is felt immediately upon application. The healing properties and constituents of RYL Moor Mud cannot be matched. After one application, you will notice firmer healthier looking skin.

Skin Problems: To prevent further outbreaks of acne, and other skin conditions dietary and minor lifestyle changes need to occur.


Our facial mask can treat skin conditions on the surface,  if you have a bad diet and lifestyle it is imperative you change in order to permanently cure and prevent skin problems from reoccurring.


We at Regenerate Your Life recommend a diet abundant in nuts, fruit, vegetables and lean protein, drink plenty of spring water throughout the day.


If at any stage you are not comfortable with using this product discontinue use.


F.A.Q.  on Moor Mud facial and body treatments.



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