Sailing the unknown Passage of Human Happenings

Obama and I have one-thing in common this year, one goodbye after another

Hey! there its been awhile, what an incredible year.The numerology number nine sure saw closure as predicted. 

The one thing Obama and I had in common this year was saying continuous goodbyes. Although saying goodbye to him as the United States president did not have the same profound affect as saying the word goodbye in the many different forms presented to me this year. 

None the less, this last splog for the year (spiritual blog) is written to remind us to be gentle with others, because I am sure you are aware, in one year many of us experience such great ups and downs, then in a flash of a moment life can change instantly as we knew it.


For many, this year held considerable loss. In the memory of those people, I say a heartfelt farewell until next time.


Now before you go thinking that this is going to be all doom and gloom, this year was also full of big fat good times to, fun adventure, travel, trust, and love. 


But I cannot deny, this year had incredible loss attached to it. I mourned for people that died in the France/Nice tragedy (My family and I were amongst the frightening chaos which incidentally I wish never to repeat). Although I didn't know any of these people I felt great loss.

And then there was this one little boy in a crowd of thousands about 3 years old sitting on his dads shoulders, his family enjoying the fireworks. The little boy calmly gazed into my eyes and began chattering in an in-comprehensive chatter, constantly, so much so, that his family members were struck by it, looking at me inquisitively then at each other smiling. And then something un-explainable happened, effortlessly in a language only my soul understood, I spoke back to the little boy, we held this conversation for a few minutes, his eyes penetrated mine, it touched me deeply, and then they were gone, lost in the crowd. I don't know if they survived the tragedy or not, but there was something in that connection I shall never forget. Could that little boy have known what was about to occur?. 


Upon our return from an amazing 2 month adventure travelling Europe, I said goodbye to four incredible individuals that passed over in the space of 3 months all on separate occasion, none knowing one another.  R.I.P.

In between all of this, there were happy bon-voyages to besties on long term travel plans, and last but not least an emotional goodbye to our home at Lake Weyba where my partner and I loved and lived 17 amazing years.


These happening human experiences showed me every single one of us are SAILING the unknown PASSAGE of HUMAN HAPPENINGS, many moments of these trying to understand life. And whether it may be smooth sailing for you, rest assured for another, shit is going down.


Having observed and experienced all of the above I felt the need to share the below paragraphs and their topics.

The topics below are not directly related to above. But this weird parallel was going on with friends, family, and strangers, all I could think was, will we, me included ever stop sweating the small stuff which is nearly always avoidable.

Finally realizing that getting caught up in the bullshit, disables and disconnects us from seeing, and more importantly appreciating that life is a process, an incredible voyage into the un-known.


Anyhoo! if you feel the pull, please read on.


Most people at one point in their life have someone they are envious or jealous of.  


When with this person, you act like you love them to their face, or the opposite, you are cold and give nothing.

Inside you are comparing yourself to them.  You hug or shake their hand, but the gesture is merely a gesture. This person you give your biggest fake smile to, look them in the eye ever so briefly and lying say “Great to see you”. 


First available opportunity, you talk about them, put them down, and wait for the reaction from the person you are talking with for their confirmation about this person. Cause successful back stabbing can only be done with another back stabbing party member, right?

This person always shows up when you feel the most insecure and down about yourself. Everything is going great for them right?. Their life appears picture perfect. And maybe it is.

Here’s the weird twist, more than likely deep down you actually like this person, you may even spend a great deal of time with them or at the very least find yourself thinking about them. Geez! You know you have lost it when after seeing this person you become angry with yourself, or your partner, everything really for no sound reason, and you realize your f...d in the head.


From these observations I learned

They are showing you what you don’t like about yourself, and you don’t accept yourself as you are. Ouch!! 

You may find that the person you envy, may envy and be jealous of you.

They are more than likely doing all the above to you or worse.

Even worse, they actually like you and consider you a friend. Oh my! did you think of that?

When you get over yourself, you could become really good friends, or not. :)

 Human Behaviour

Nearly everyone at some time has a person in their lives that they bare their inner thoughts to. This person you confide in, cry with, share your secrets with. 


I learned

They are there for you and listening to your woes, because often its so they don't have to listen or face their own challenges. Have you ever thought that the person you bear your soul to also seeks love, and re-assurance, and that’s why they are there for you. Have you ever asked, hey kiddo how are you? And no not in the middle of your own one hundredth crisis.

Think about it.


Human Behaviour

Nearly everyone has fun people they connect with, you don't necessarily share the same values, likes or dislikes, but you always have a good time together. 


They are play mates. So play together, enjoy the good times.

Human Behaviour

Everyone has or has had a Newman from (Seinfeld) in their life. "Hello Newman, hello Jerry" :) 

Happy to have learned that not everyone is going to be your friend 

Nearly everyone has that person that contacts you out of the blue, you haven’t heard or seen them in ages, you pick up where you left off, you are happy and content when in their presence, and except them warts and all.


This person is your friend your very good friend, a soul-mate to be treasured.

Human Behaviour

Nearly everyone has people that only ever equate to acquaintances; to these people you say “We should catch up” but never do.

These people may be carried energy from your past lives, the lessons have been learnt, no need to go there again. 



Some-times though, your souls are waiting to connect.  If it feels right, make the CALL! 

Human Behaviour

Nearly every person experiences a person or persons that are not true and or kind to you. Again this is a reflection of your energy source guiding you to realize a shadow/negative part of you that needs addressing.

Once the energy/problem in you is realized and released that person will either disappear, or your relationship will transmute and then transform into a form of love, respect and kindness.



Be true and kind to yourself first. Show your real self to others.  This allows people to see you.

"I see you" (Avatar)

Nearly everyone has a core group of friends and family they enjoy sharing with and caring for. These people you almost certainly will argue, forgive, and give the most to. They will most certainly test your patience over and over.

They may be in your life a few years then disappear; come back just for a moment, or stay, and some, whether you like it or not, are in your life forever.


Your core group is your soul community.  


These are the people you are here to learn and grow from. 


So this year I have learned in one form or another we are all dysfunctional, and we all function differently.

I believe if you have experienced some or all the above you are growing into the wonderful soul you are born with.


Life for the most of us is a huge gift. You are a sensational gift box, packed with a trillion treasures ready for you to gift to others. Open! your box, and gift yourself this festive season.


Happy! Happy! Festive Season, see you for more Splogging in the New Year.

Infinite Blessings* 


Marjon Eve, Regenerating Life

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