OUCH! My head. Ok universe the pain is too much.


Hi there! Soul Community.

Well 2016 is up and running, Happy New Year! to all the sore heads out there.


Thought I should write about this weeks SUPERRRR! energy its trials, tribulations and opportunities.

Considering many of you have been messaging me complaining, and rightly so as I have had the exact same symptoms with the infection in my head easing now. 


Over the past few days many people have experienced severe headaches/migraines, neck pain, head related infections such as earaches, mouth ulcers, toothaches and what I have found personally the worst of it, not being able to focus on any one thing. I have a new appreciation for the phrase scatter brain. :)


Firstly, way out there in the starry universe something beautiful is happening, five planets

have aligned. Yep pretty cool and obviously not your every day occurrence.


Remember we are originally star-beings. Only natural we are affected by what happens out there.

Sooo! what do you propose the opportunity this amazing 5 star aligning has to offer? Alignment of course.

Took me awhile to work it out. Derr!! Now that I have my brain back, :) I feel the need to share.



For many of us, but in particular soul communities, this alignment will bring to the forefront deep old issues that were left unresolved many years ago.  These issues have quickly re-surfaced over the last week or so literally hitting us in the head, and we are left with that horrible feeling of "Here we go again". You may feel agitated, angry, or disappointed in yourself for not letting go, and or not allowed yourself to forgive of this old situation, and last for not having fixed it way back when. 

Those of you that have no memory or recollection and only have the associated physical pain, stay with me, trust as it would be wise to still apply Step 1 and 2 below. 

The other end of this happening or its polarity so to speak, is that everything is falling into place for you. YIPPEE!! You guys apply step 1 and 2 to cement and align in your lovely light of opportunity.


This place in our time holds a very special opportunity, unique because of the 5 star alignment.

This time our issues have been offered to us in the form of physical rather than the usual mental, in the way of pain, particularly in the head. Our head/brain is our storage centre/library where we hold all documents and retain this present life's memory, positive or negative.


Because you and I are part of an intricate soul community we are energetically connected, so we are feeling these symptoms simultaneously. Which then causes the intensity of our similar energies to go haywire. Hence the headaches. Our brain is literally being scattered all over the place, bumping into each others energy field.

So now this means, some of us are out of our normal synchronicity and in need of a tune up, clean, cut and polish.




So like an out of tune radio, all we need do is re-tune back to our favourite station. HOW? you ask.

Follow these instructions and you will be back on your own personal sound wave tapping to the beats in no time.


Step 1. Back to the Womb.

Water is of the utmost importance right now, yes drink heaps, but that's not what I had in mind. If you live near the ocean bathe and immerse yourself, allow the waves to gently rock you, the salt water will naturally cleanse you. Imagine you are being washed clean, washing and releasing the issues at hand.


If you don't live near a large body of water, take a bath, preferably a mud-bath. This link will take you to the best mud on the planet. Mud and water = Earth & Water two major elements to cleansing.


Step one remains the same.


The importance of immersing yourself into water is to take you back to the womb, taking you way back when all was safe and in absolute love and perfection. Your soul, brain, and body has a complete memory of this.

Whilst immersed under water imagine yourself being back in your mothers womb. Relax into it, let the water caress and cleanse your wounded soul. We are all wounded in one way or another, it is part of being human.  

Yep to some of you this exercise is going to feel weird, you may even feel nauseous, whatever comes up for you go with it, try not to resist, and for your sake let it go. 

Other stuff may come up, all you need to remember is to let it go. My simple motto cut, cancel, delete.


Now is about the time your head/ego will try and get in the way, already some of you reading are thinking what a load of cocky shite!! 

That dear friend is exactly why you should try this, what do you have to lose? Ok let me tell you, the same ole same ole over and over again, and now the physical pain to go with it. Just do it, no need to tell anyone, just do it, who knows it just might work for you.


We live in different times, the old paradigm doesn't work anymore, gone are the times of band-aiding our issues with external habits such as take a pill for your pain.  We are returning to our true nature, its written in the stars, you can keep fighting it or go with the ebb and flow of what is part of our evolution. As weird as it may seem a natural solution is ultimately the better choice.


Step. 2

Re-align your Chakra's. Balanced Chakra's can be a vital key to your over-all mind & body health.

The Video below is perfect, it shows chakra colour, name, and has beautiful musical tones specifically formulated for each chakra. All you need do is watch it. The divine change-makers that put these compilations together for us, are our teaching trail blazers, they work effortlessly to help re-create our mixed up world move forwards to our new awakened future. And for people like you and I 99% of the work is done. All we need do is find a quiet space in our minds focus on the screen and watch.

Higher Self willingly will do the rest.


If you take the bath option, play and watch after step 1. If you are bathing at the ocean, river, lake, dam, etc. Watch and play soon after.


Trust that your body, mind & soul know you better than your ego/head. Trust that even if it sounds and feels unfamiliar to doing something out of your ordinary to do it anyway. Trust that we are Spiritual Human Beings first and magic still happens. Trust your TRUTH.

Just remember once your healing release is complete, don't allow your head to tell you any different. Confirm to your ego that you are working from Higher Self not your head, confirm that all is well and healed.


If you have a relationship with someone or any issue that you don't want to change yet because you are still not quite ready, please do not perform this healing at this point of time. This healing release is specifically formulated to align with old issues that you are ready to release. We intuitively know what they are. These issues are generally at the forefront of your mind, they consume all other thoughts.


So that's basically it, the timing is kinda a big deal, so if this healing release resonates with you, it is best to do it sooner than later and preferably before 25th of February when the 5 stars will have completely shifted.


If you have any questions email me on marjon@regenerateyourlife.com.au


If you feel like sharing your experience, please do so. The more we communicate the more we introduce society to a natural ancient organic way of taking care of ourselves. Where's the harm in that?


Love to you Soul Community

Marjon (Eve)


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