Saying Goodbye to Raindrop Inn at Lake Weyba

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Our time at the Lake House fondly named Raindrop Inn is coming to a close.

Raindrop Inn Lake Weyba.

I would like to thank everyone that visited our little patch of paradise, we enjoyed having you stay, we enjoyed your company, and we continue to enjoy the intricate path that has entwined us.

Being it friendship, healing or experiencing close encounters with nature’s elements, its birds, creatures, and animals, I am sure you would agree whether you came for dinner, an occasion, respite, healing, or holiday, at some point you experienced and will remember at least one amazing moment. 


You and us have laughed, cried, and grown together. Those that came to heal, learned about Lake Weyba its energy and why Mark & I were drawn to live here, and why we feel so proud to have had the privilege to be chosen to become its land custodians these last 15 years.  


The memories that the Lake-House and its surrounding land holds will be forever remembered in its core and our hearts.  You have all contributed in some way, to help make our place even more special.


Am I sad.? Yes, I even have a touch of anxiety over leaving, not to mention the occasional burst of tears. I absolutely love this place, and will always return to the Lake for guidance, healing, and earthing. But Mark & I both know that our time here is closing, and in the true Australian indigenous way it is time for someone else to take the job of carrying the earth stick for Lake Weyba. That said I will never truly leave for it holds my heart forever. 


Before I let go altogether, I would like to share some crazy fun moments and some wonderful memories captured in bold beautiful snapshots.

Below is just a taste of the many great people and times we have had here. Just as significant the photos above are some of our incredible nature experiences.


There are many of you that have asked to remain anonymous, there are also so many others that have shared this place that I don't have photos of.


The one common thread though that I find so beautiful is a time ago, people in these photos and those that aren't, at one point didn't know one another, and through the intricate web of life and Higher Self's inner knowing, some now have strong connections and friendships that the Lake-House provided a space for. I feel humbled and blessed for this wonderful small miracle.


Lake Weyba you are pure beauty, I love you with all my heart.



Infinite Blessings*


Love to you all.


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  • #1

    Pru (Sunday, 14 February 2016 14:47)

    What a wonderful bunch of memories , of the beautiful Lake House. So blessed to be a part of it !

  • #2

    Candice (Sunday, 14 February 2016 15:59)

    Great writing can't wait for the book ! Amazing memories what a special place and what even more special hosts ❤️

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