Tree Spirits. Do you see them? they see you

Elemental beings or nature spirits live within the different elements that support the physical formation of planet Earth.

Just as humanity exists with the Animal Kingdoms on Earth, so do other kingdoms, all co-existing within other worlds and realities.

These kingdoms exist on a different frequency parallel to our physical world and are sustained within the Earth and cosmos.




These worlds Mythical and Elemental, sustain Earths elements, being Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but they are different to some of us human, as they sustain more ether, meaning they work on a higher vibration.

Acknowledgement to Alexis Cartwright

When we open our mind to all possibilities, we will begin to see and feel the Nature Spirits. 


Within their energy, they hold much wisdom, knowledge, healing power, understanding, and have a deep deep connection with our Mother Earth.


The most amazing Nature Tree Spirit  I have met and learned from, was in our front yard on our beautiful land, near the not so famous Lake Weyba Shores.


I felt its love, we hugged often. I was truly humbled to have made her acquaintance.


Daily in fascination I watched her grow boobs along with the tummy for 9 months,  sadly though instead of a birth it was her death.

She was consumed by white ant, and decided to give in to her fate, but not without coming down with an enormous thud.


I loved this tree and her energy. I listened to her her message and felt compelled to write about her, and for all trees. Her message to me was nurture and love all forms of life. She accepted the parasites that eventually took her earthly life.

Unlike most human there was no judgement to leave in this what I felt such and undignified way.



Dyrad: Female Nature Tree Spirit.


Each Dyrad is the guardian of at least one other tree.

They are protective over their community and their young, just like a Mother would be.

Tree Spirits tend to cluster and have their own community, so if you see one, you generally see others close by, and nearly always in the company of a cluster of young one/trees.


Occasionally we may have a strong attraction to a tree, they stand out, you will find it difficult to pass without staring or touching it. You may even desire to share with someone about its grandness. This is tree energy, it is communicating with you and you should jolly well give it a hug, spend some time under he or she, as it is obvious, it is wanting to share sits energy with you.


Take a walk in the park:

The next time you walk in a forest or a national park take a look at the larger trees, when you tune in you may notice that some have feminine energy, and some masculine, the simplest way I was told by a tree is to look at their structure.  

Masculine trees distinguish their gender by having a straight single tall trunk, the feminine will generally have two trunks or more and look like ladies with their legs in the air.

Have you ever noticed? It will amuse them, and you too when you notice.


Slide Show below gives examples of magnificent gendered Tree Nature Spirits.


You may like to focus on each one, they are so giving with their natural energy.

Photos taken by Marjon Emery, please ask if you would like to share at Thanks


Healing: If you are attracted to trees of late, you may ask a healing from them.

Are you feeling under-nourished? or unloved? Are you feeling over sensitive and or confused by certain relationships? Physically depleted, over emotional, or drained? You may experience lower back pain or sore limbs.


Tree healing can release stress from the lungs, and revitalize your aching body.

Tree healing can help you to stand strong in an area that you know in your heart to be your truth, particularly if you are letting it go to others, through lack of self-worth. 


Tree Spirits are excellent at absorbing negative energy.


By connecting to a Tree Spirit, they can help heal and re-ground you.


Trees are Mother Natures grounding force, stabilizing Mother Earth. Therefore they are ours too! cause we are all ONE.

Trees have the massive job of inhaling, absorbing pollution, turning it back into fresh oxygen then releasing that oxygen back to Mother Earth so they and us can continue to breathe.


Always be respectful when working with elemental energies - give thanks simply by hugging the tree. You may want to bestow a gift. They like touch, crystals, mushrooms, dried flowers and herbs.

Acts of kindness and giving thanks also means so much to Mother Nature and her elements,  she will in return reach out to heal and nourish you back to health, and help restore balance to your once shaky ground.


Trusting is the key. There is always a key to unlocking the magic.

Sensing the Spirit of a Tree

Stand close to a tree and let your awareness go down into the root system where it absorbs nutrients from the earth. Follow the flow up into the trunk, the branches and then the leaves. The leaves are open to receive the light of the sun. Hold your awareness of the whole tree and then expand your focus slightly to be aware of the whole energy body of the tree. Stay quietly with this sense of the whole tree, and its spirit may become quite clear to you.

-from Working With Angels, Fairies And Nature Spirits (p. 59)

By doing this simple ritual, you will also receive healing

Written channelling by Marjon on behalf of Dryad Tree Spirit

If you were to ask the tree what he/she thinks they would answer.


"No matter how I perceive the world, my world just is, I cannot run or leave when times on earth get tough. In fact when wild weather throws me from side to side, I spread my roots further deep into our earth, to ground my - self, accepting and believing in Mother Earths trust, love and stability."


"I love Mother Earth from the top of my branches to the depth of my roots, and she me, there is no doubt of this.”

“I have and accept all that I need to survive. Grandfather sun to grow, Moonlight for fertility, Water to quench my thirst, Earth to nourish me, Wind to help me let go of my old leaves and branches, blowing my seed to sprout and spread once more.

Last but not least, Fire to burn the negative, reminding us to accept there is dark and shadow in a corner somewhere at some point on the Earth."


"So we are not so different you and I human, as you need, feel and do all these things."


"Human! you complicate the bliss."


"It is this way now, it was not always this way and wont always be, you are not so far from the day of remembering we are all one with all things."

"The shift in consciousness needs to grow greater and be nurtured with-in your current structure, not ours, we are already whole and complete. You need us so to learn a very important lesson.
Human and creature need us trees to survive, if you do not shift in consciousness, we will die and you shall die also, for one can-not survive without the other."


"It appears doomed the mess you have created, but it is in actual fact PERFECT."


"So dear beloved, think not the world into extinction, but think it constantly renewed."


"Think on this, I Dryad do not judge that you human cut and chop my species down to extinct, human is who judges this, but without the tree becoming extinct how are you to learn of its value, Do you see dear one?"

"I as you feel loss when extinct of specie occurs, I to feel emotional energy just like you."


"Share this message with your children, You and they are the change we have been waiting for. I am Dryad Tree Spirit" 

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