Heres another take on being called a Pea Brain, take a look at the Pineal Gland. Is yours activated?

The Pineal Gland, is it the Universal Tool to Consciousness?

Hello! Soul Community. I sincerely hope you find this en-lightning, inspirational and educational.


This months writing inspiration was called upon by a little gland in the centre of our brain the size of a pea, which looks like a pine cone and named the Pineal Gland.

However, whatever it may have been named, this little gland has far more significance than meets the EYE.


So lets get into the little P to see what we can see, shall we?


The Pineal gland shows up often in ancient cultures. In Egyptian hieroglyphics it is part of the Eye of the Horus, and in old Indian Sanskrit it is named the Third Eye Chakra (Ajna). 

What's fascinating is in the western world, it was the last endocrine gland to have its function discovered by scientists.  Mmmm... as usual a bit slow on the take us westerners. 

But as it often happens the smallest of things found are significantly powerful.

While the physiological function of the pineal gland has been unknown until recent times, mystical traditions and esoteric schools have long known this area in the middle of our brain to be the connecting link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Considered the most powerful and highest source of ethereal energy available to humans, the Pineal Gland has always been important in ancient cultures in initiating supernatural powers. 


"Lets get physical"  with a little science

This tiny powerful gland produces Melotonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns.

The Pineal Gland projects inner visions. It has now been scientifically proven to have the same cells as the Retina, (the eye) it is built with the same proteins and has the same wiring. It has (Photo Transduction Cascade) which is the exact same internal make-up and ingredients as the eye.

Simply, the eye is wired to the brain with receptors, without this wiring we would not see out.

The amazing discovery is the Pineal Gland looks within. Just as the eye can only see physically outside of us, the Pineal Gland sees within us. Our eyes can look 90 degrees away from the set direction we face, the Pineal Gland, it is said to look 90 degrees within.

The Pineal Gland releases photons which are then detected by the Pineal Glands Retinol Cells.

Allowing visions, like a dream.

The question for the sceptic scientist is, where are these visions coming from? Mmmm?


How's this? There are micro crystals in the Pineal Gland made out of calcite, which is made from a similar compound that is in Quartz crystal. These tiny micro crystals are peso electric, (peso electric means a tuner/or radio band/ and is capable of picking up other stations simultaneously.)

This little pea has a frequency just like a radio wave.


More science, its a fact. The Pineal Gland makes a chemical compound named DMT (Dimethyltriptamine) sounds like, some way out amphetamine or LSD, well guess what you would be half right, as this natural compound allows us to see the bigger picture, helps expand our view on things, just as LSD can make you visualise and hallucinate.

Serotonin (is the closest hormone, not exactly the same but similar found in DMT) basically, the more of it you have, the better mood you will find yourself in. These hormones such as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Melatonin, are Neurotransmitters, adrenal stimulants produced naturally in our body.

Extreme arousal such as a near death experience, extreme stress, extreme sexual arousal, extreme meditation, synthetic drugs, all stimulate these chemical adrenals.


Some scientists now believe that DMT may be a portal to the seat of consciousness; the passage or vessel being the Pineal Gland.

If the above chemicals were to perform together simultaneously in complete harmony, (all frequencies tuned) it may trigger a portal, a gate, an entrance, to being able to consciously watch a dream. Which = (Visual Meditation)


What's more, the Pineal Gland is said to be our biological clock and determines our aging process. Eek!! 

Pineal Gland Activation what is it and are you ready?

The quantum physics behind Pineal Gland Activation

The Pineal Gland can lay dormant. Activation is like the turbo booster in an engine. It visualises within, and then is able to tune into our much awaited Holographic metaphysical world.

Once awakening the Pineal Gland (third eye), your frequency will rise to a higher consciousness this allows you to see beyond space and time, your mind/body and soul simultaneously begin to re-align with your original blue-print. (Your Light Body) 

The Pineal Gland is a conduit between higher dimensions, activated it leaks out into the physical (3rd dimension current world) allowing the whole complete light body to be re-born.


Eastern philosophies named it the Third Eye, long before the scientific findings of todays western culture.

I am happy to say it is no longer considered the mystery and linked to what some say as superstition. YAY!!

How do you know when your Pineal Gland or Third Eye has been activated?

From my humble experience, a momentus happening opened my third eye. That's for another story.

Having spoken to several people from different walks of life, most of, had their own experience.

The one thing I can say is you know when it does.

For me everything became magnified, crystal clear, the Earth and all within it came loudly alive. I heard the trees whisper to one another, the birds communicating, the wind and the water flowed simultaneously as one. I found this loving connection to our Mother Earth, all its creatures and elements and that was just in the physical world we are all familiar with. 

I could feel the presence of energy, and I could go on, and on and on but won't, because for some it may be sounding to weirdly doo doo already.  :)

As they say in the classics it was a light bulb moment, although it was more like a mega spot light had been switched on. 

It is not quite as that day of activation for me now, but my view in how I approach happenings, people, and all things is now viewed from within first. Activation regenerated my life.


Don't go chasing the Rainbow the rainbow will appear.

The Pineal Gland or Third Eye activation can be stimulated by certain mediums such as, Meditation, Visualisation Yoga and Kundalini Yoga, there is also a great book named Theta Healing by Vianna Stibal,, which has DNA & Pineal Gland activation teachings, there are some amazing people who specialise in this field, one of these ladies is named Selacia.

Last but not least trust in your self, you can activate your own Pineal Gland, believe in you and it will happen.

I have an amazing activation meditation that was gifted to me by my Higher Self that I am in the process of putting on MP3 if you would like a copy please contact me at

Here's the thing you cant push it, don't wish for it, or become obsessed with it, don't think you are not worthy if bells and whistles don't go off instantly. There may be things blocking your Pineal Gland from activation. (see below) 

Most important you do not need to spend countless hours in meditation, prayer or in church, you do not need to be of any particular faith or connected to a religion. 

Quite likely you are probably going to dislike my next sentence, because how many times have you heard this said? It will happen when the time is right for you. Grrrr....

And don't think your life lessons will disappear, you will still need to do the work. Grrrr....


What it will do is open you to a world that gives you a much broader perspective on all things, an understanding and acceptance that you are your own co-creator for better or for worse.

You will find an inner intelligence connecting you to your Higher Self, a trust in yourself that you may not have had, a joy and inner peace, even when there is chaos all around.

You may receive visions, connect with your guides, and angels, you may also experience the shadow side of yourself.

You may see colours, ears may ring, animals may even communicate directly via telepathy. Pretty Cool!!!! Whatever it is for you, it is perfect and for the greater good.



When awakened, the third eye acts as a 'stargate' that sees beyond Space within Time into Time within Space, which there is none. Too deep? :)

To activate the 'third eye' (Pineal Gland) is to raise one's frequency and move into a higher conscious frequency. This allows you to participate within higher dimensions.

Most of us are currently living in a 3d (third dimension) but there are many dimensions that are not currently visible to the seeing eye for most human beings. This is changing at a rapid rate.

In the coming years our Planetary vibration/frequency will accelerate exponentially, allowing one day all souls to peer into other realms/dimensions far more easily than in the past. Frequency will continue to rise until human consciousness evolves out of the current physical plane (3rd dimension)


Still with me? For you to evolve you must be able to see from all perspective not just what you see with your physical eyes.

Foods and Fluorides


The Pineal Gland is often seen in plain skull x-rays as calcified. See picture above.

Calcification is typically due to intake of fluoride found in treated water, and toothpaste.

When the Pineal Gland is calcified studies show that many people have greater trouble activating.

My advise is stop using fluoride toothpaste, and stop drinking water from taps that have not been filtered from fluoride.

Food for better vision

Food plays a vital role in our over all health, but if you eat mostly junk or processed food chances are your wiring is messed up anyway. A good clean Detox is a superb way to help re-align your wiring.

Detox by cleaning out your pantry of any processed foods.

Eat 5 to 6 servings of organic vegetables and eat 2 servings of rich green vegetables, one cup of organic fruit, protein from wild caught fish, or nuts & seeds everyday.

Drink green tea and one and a half litres of clean filtered water.

Doing these simple things will not only help your activation, but also enrich every part of your body inside and out.

To stimulate and draw out toxins, your detox could include RYL Moor mud and Angelight Salt Baths, or inhale our beautiful Angelight essential oils, they can also help to relax after your activation. Highly recommended


Wishing you a massive Pea Brain Activation

Infinite Blessings* from Marjon Eve On Earth.


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