Orbs! Orbs! Orbs!

To believe or not to believe that is the question

This is not just a beautiful piece of music by Maia but check who comes to enjoy it with her

ORBS, what are they? The most common thing said is they are flecks of dust. Yep that is all they may be?  My humble opinion not in your sweet life.


So what about ORBS? personally I like to think they are beings just like us, living and co-existing with us on Earth but in a different dimension. I believe they are of a Higher Vibration to us Earthly Beings allowing them to come into our dimension at any time.  

With digital cameras, technology now allows us to see them.  

Please click on any one of the photos that takes your fancy hover your cursor over the Orbs you may feel they give you a spark of their energy.


Awesome if there is a connection, but don't be concerned if it doesn't happen for you. This blog is to allow you to consider ORBS exist, to let go of the "what a crock of shite" belief system, to how it might feel, to actually be in the knowing presence of such amazing beautiful beings.


The next two paragraphs are an example and an intricate point about personal belief systems and how they programme you to think, and then to challenge you to choose to stay the same or change. 


Millions of people love Math, not me I don't feel anything let alone get excited when being shown numbers or a solved math equation, all those numbers floating around trying to look organised. Boring!!! Don't laugh I mean it.

In saying that, I accept and appreciate I could not live on this Earth without Math. I know deep in my very core it is empowering, wonderful, exciting to many, and complete. It is universal, extraordinary scientific art, and yet I still don't get excited or want to do it, with numbers.

All science is based on math, mathematicians get super excited when solving a problem, it is absolutely essential to our human existence, it is one of the very few things we measure with an honest calculated answer. Nope still not doing it for me if it involves numbers :)

But math in art, I love it. My favourite as a small child was dot to dot, remember? you had to join from the number 1 to say 30 and a picture of something beautiful would evolve.

I love shapes like diamonds, triangles, etc. and above all I love how the stars are lined up in absolute perfection. My kinda Math. :)


Are you beginning to see the picture?, if you are not interested or aware of something, you probably wont get it, let alone SEE IT, because you are shut off and or not ready to experience it. 

And guess what? that's ok, you are being you. Perfect You, YAY! Not any one of us is interested in experiencing all the same things. But if you are to expand in awareness there must be an allowance for you to become open to all possibility.


Today I leave you to ponder this concept. What if the Moon and our planets are Orbs? or crazier still our own Mother Earth. What if Orbs we/I see are billions of planets like our own galaxy, and this planet was their galaxy. And finally what if Orbs see us as lovely lit up stars :)


Happy Orb snapping, believe and you shall receive.

Marjon Eve On Earth doing her best to awaken to numbers. :)

I love ORBS

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