A life of Dis-Order

The above logo posted recently on facebook has stimulated me to write about the extra-ordinary children being born.

We have been blessed, and humbled by a young member of our family named Kody our youngest grand-son, who has been diagnosed with the gift of Sensory Processing Disorder.  (photos above) 

I don't particularly like the label or title because to me it does not  appear  a disorder as such. But am grateful he has been diagnosed and SPD is being recognised as a real thing.

Not to mention mum's relief and the ability to now help him.


Years before I was made aware by an astrologer that a baby was coming into our family. 

Back then our daughter Candice, nor me, could believe there would be another; she was already gifted with two beautiful amazing children, Alishia & Wil.


Shortly after finding out of Candice’s pregnancy, Higher Self tapped in.

It was said that I was to assist in his coming (birth). So I patiently waited to be asked by the parents in waiting.

Well no matter, it was meant to be. I happened to be in Adelaide at the time little Kody started knocking, (I live in Qld.) Of course Kody knew that the timing was perfect.  J

Determined to take my daughters labour pain away, Candice trusted her crazy out there mother with her oils, her feathers, and her unusual telepathic communication.  Upon reflection, not being aware at the time, we shared minutes in meditation, re-connecting our intricate web/thread to life, returning to being the eternal twin souls mother and daughter are.

Mother, Father of the Kodestar*and I shared something very intimate that peaceful early morning Kody was born.  

Midwife and staff commented on how light and calm the room felt. Treasured moments, I will never forget.


What if we are the ones with the so called disorder? A quantum leap to ponder on.

Oh! Us mere mortals, know so little, but blessed be, these children are teaching us to see and accept there may-be a much larger picture to these so called Dis-Orders.

Consider this, are they really dis-orders? what if they were of a new rising 5th dimension energy that the old heavy dense 3rd dimension matter of fact energy doesn’t understand. What I mean in layman terms is, what if these children have evolved? and we are the ones behind the times, stuck with one and only one way of thinking and being.

Most of these children with so called dis-orders have common threads, the few that I have picked up on are these, they learn differently to the current mainstream format,  they can find it difficult to communicate, they are very strong minded characters and the most amazing commonality is their 6th sense. They are born with their intuitive abilities activated. Which makes them highly sensitive, and completely aware.  Their perception of the world around them is different to ours, they cant tell us what is different and for the most of us, we don't understand their intricate world.


Please check out the video above it explains beautifully


We are changing and evolving.

Once in labour not that long ago a western birth in hospital was, you were placed in a cold sterile room with a bunch of strangers, legs placed in stirrups, gas shoved on your face, father stayed outside, doctor came in right at the very last minute, stole the glory, he/she cut the cord, and baby was ripped away for cleaning, mean while the little one is screaming, cold, and hungry.

Sounds barbaric doesn't it? Hopefully for most, that is now a thing of the past. This example is a small reminder that we have evolved, and so we will adapt and evolve with these new type of children  being born.

Not so long ago evolution in humans would take years, but now with most of us connected to the big wide world web, awareness comes quickly so we are able to evolve more quickly and smoothly.

Ultimately these children will teach us how to connect with them.


For the future treasured mums out there.

In meditation I was told that when a child is born, there are three important crucial moments that should be shared between you and your child.

First is to have them immediately after birth placed on your heart.  Then once the umbilical cord has been cut the child remains on your heart allowing yours and theirs heart beats to synchronise together as one in the physical world.

Then no matter how long it takes, wait till the child opens his or her eyes, and look into them. You may think they cant see you but they can,  new born look straight through to your soul. The truth to the old age saying by RUMI eyes are the window to the soul.

At this moment of eye contact there is Absolute  Unconditional Love. At this moment of eye contact baby feels safe and places all trust in his/her parents for better or for worse. 

Your child chose you as parents for this lifetime; the eye exchange is energetic connection shared between you and their soul. They are at this point of the utmost purest. 

Third and just as important,  dad or partner parent  is also to cuddle baby and wait for the exchange of eye contact.


This small ritual is you and the child energetically exchanging past, present and future, connecting your reasons for choosing one another.


Food for thought.

Food does matter. Feed your children fresh organic food and have them food tested,  even some good food is not good for SPD children. Particularly high acidic foods. Sugar is in all processed foods, sugar numbs the brains receptors, but don't even get me started on that one. :)


Maybe if the two paragraphs above went viral we could change hospital policy and maybe just maybe prevent future  children feeling loss, or feelings of abandonment, it might prevent so called behaviour problems being experienced in so many children within western culture.


More information or Seeking Help?

If you think your child might be experiencing sensory differences which is significantly impacting their development, learning, play, engagement or participation in daily life, or if you think they may indeed have SPD, it’s worth seeking professional advice from a qualified and experienced Occupational Therapist. With the right help and support, you can help your child learn how to cope with their unique view of the world and minimise the difficulties that sensory differences can cause.

Click here: https://www.bellybelly.com.au/child/sensory-processing-disorder/ 



A BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to all the parents that acknowledge their children’s adverse gifts, I know it can’t be easy, these children can be all consuming and hard work.


A BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to all the parents that acknowledge their child when he/she sees, hears or touches something/someone from another dimension, and although you cant see what they see, you believe that they did.


A BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to all the parents that believe there is more to us than just a head and a body attached.


Last but not least A BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to all the people out there developing individual learning programmes to assist these children, you are Earth ANGELS.


Infinite Blessings*


Marjon (Eve on Earth)


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